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Healthy Azaleas

The DCI family’s yard is heavily wooded with trees which doesn’t leave much luck for grass or anything else requiring a lot of sunlight, (see James’ humorous post here regarding this struggle) but it does lend itself to some really pretty azaleas. We have several that every spring provide us with the most beautiful display […]

The Lighter Side of Lawncare

Spring is one of my four favorite seasons of the year. I really enjoy seeing the renewal of plant life at this time. It is like a re-birth of the earth. I like to see the multi-colored flowers in full bloom and the rapid growth of the green stuff that simulates grass in my yard. […]

Getting Started

A home repair or home addition project often starts with that “what if” moment….that moment in time when you see a commercial on TV, a page in a magazine, or see some improvement project completed by a friend or family. It is at that moment that the light bulb goes on and you imagine for the […]

Backyard Chickens

More and more homeowners are looking to expand their exterior home space to include vegetable gardens and livestock. But do you really need acres and acres to do this successfully? A young family of four in Henrico, VA is doing it successfully on 5 little acres. Mike and Amelia Dyson and their two children have […]