Our daughter asked me recently, how things were different when I was kid. Let’s see. Phones were plugged into a wall and the only thing you could do with them was call someone. If we wanted to know something, we had to look in a book and if you wanted to catch your favorite movie or tv show, you better be there when it came on one of the three channels you got or it’d be next year before you saw it in a re-run. In the kitchen, refrigerators only kept things cold, a cookbook gave recipe measurements and a clock, you had to watch, told you when to take the cake out of the oven. Today’s smart kitchen has a tech savvy alternative to all of those ways of the past and more. We’ve highlighted several smart kitchen gadgets and appliances below that could help make your kitchen, the hub of your home, more efficient and fun!

AmazonBasics Microwave
The AmazonBasics Microwave uses Alexa voice commands to cook. All you need is an Echo device to make it happen. It’s only 700 watts in power, but it’s priced comparable to other microwaves with similar wattage and has voice command.

Wireless Perfect Bake Pro Smart Kitchen Scale and Recipe App
Only have half of an ingredient you need for a dish or can’t think of what you can make with what you have on hand? This smart kitchen scale can help you with both of those problems and more!

iDevices Kitchen Thermometer
No more checking your watch periodically or listening for the stove timer to know when your cake is ready. This smart kitchen thermometer will send a notification to your phone when your dish is ready!

Samsung Black Stainless 24 Cu Ft Family Hub French Door Refrigerator

Need a recipe? Pull up Pinterest on this smart refrigerator! Want to listen to your favorite music as you prepare dinner? Access Pandora from this fridge! While it’s connecting you to the world wide web, it also keeps your milk cold. How smart is that?

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