Spring is usually the time we begin thinking and planning about gardening. However, fall is also a wonderful time for playing in the dirt, tilling the grow over and also mixing in compost to improve the soil quality for next spring. You can buy compost at your local home improvement store, but you can also make your own! Remember our frugal and wise teacher friend who shared her DIY tips for making your own household products? You can read that here if you haven’t already. She just recently made her own compost bin and shared the pics with us! It is super simple.

Here’s what you need:

  1. A bin with a lid about 2 ft or more tall
  2. A drill
  3. Dry leaves or newspaper for your base
  4. Dirt
  5. Kitchen scraps (egg shells, fruit and vegetable peelings and scraps, coffee grinds
  6. Water

Here’s How you Make It:

  1. Drill holes in the lid and sides of container
  2. Put dry material in until container is about ¼ full
  3. Put dirt in until container is ½ full
  4. Put scrapes on top and mix well
  5. Moisten with water – spraying lightly –  but do not soak the mixture
  6. Place the compost bin in a shady spot. Direct sun will dry it out and prevent the materials from breaking down.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Your compost will be ready to use in 2-3 months. If you start it now, you’ll still have time this fall to put it in your garden beds to nourish the soil over the winter months!

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