Many of us will have family or friends to dinner over this holiday weekend. Traditional gracing our family tables at DCI are ham or turkey, green beans and new potatoes … yum! Since we recently chatted with a young family raising chickens in their backyard, you can read about that here, we decided to focus on two dishes featuring eggs, fresh or from the store, that you could put on your holiday table – carrot soufflé and deviled eggs!

The DCI family fell in love with carrot soufflé years ago when I discovered this recipe here. It is a huge hit every time it is served and the recipe has been shared over and over again. But what I’ve discovered over time is, with the exception of the main ingredient, the rest are the basic ingredients for any soufflé. I have made this same recipe using sweet potatoes, corn and even left over mixed vegetables. It is wonderfully versatile. Just stir in whatever veggie you have on hand or your family likes. I think the DCI family likes the sweet potato version the best.

I have been making deviled eggs for years. It is my go-to dish for pot lucks and they are usually gobbled up quickly. There are many, many ways to make deviled eggs. I keep mine simple because that’s what my family likes but you can play around with this base recipe and add whatever special ingredients your friends and family enjoy.

You can view the ingredients, process and tips below for each of these dishes. So, go ahead! Serve up some eggs on your holiday table and enjoy!

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