This project is really coming along! See the progress from start to now in the slide show below or see the most recent progress in the images below. So, when we posted last about this project, sub-flooring was going down and framing was being completed. You can see that progress here. Since then, a new concrete walkway has been poured, Tyvek has been wrapped and windows, a door and flashing around both installed. It’s starting to look like a sun room! On projects such as this, some considerations have to be made along the way. For instance, currently there is an attic access door with a pull down stairs in this space and also a vent for the gas logs on the other side of that wall. The building inspector advised the access to the attic had to remain, so they decided to remove the stairs and make the access panel smaller and less noticeable. Then they had to consider the vent for the gas logs in the living room. One option was to install vent-less gas logs instead, but after some research, the homeowners decided to stay with vented logs and move the vent to another location in the home. If you are thinking about a project such as this in your home, considerations like these are normal as a project progresses. If you are using a contractor, keep the communication lines open and make sure they are speaking with the building inspection officials in your area as well. If you are DIYing it, you’ll need to have those conversations and make sure you’re following code closely. Next up in this project – siding goes on and electrical work is begun! Stay tuned!