Our screened porch to sun room conversion project is getting close to completion! See project progress from start to present in the slide show below or see this phase’s progress in the pics below. In this phase, we have installed insulation, your home’s quilt – keeping temperatures comfortable all year round. You can read more here about how to tell if your home’s insulation is no longer effective and should be replaced. Also happening in this phase, drywall is being installed. Drywall is secured to the framing with screws and eventually the seams and corners will be taped, the screw divots filled with mud, sanding will make it smooth and then it’s time to paint! We wrote a DIY post recently about simple drywall repair that any homeowner can do successfully. See that here!

What’s next on this project after the drywall is finished will be a floating floor, trim work, a built in seating bench along one wall and the HVAC work completed. As they say in farming, we will be in the short rows to finishing then! Stay tuned!