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Exterior Doors – Part 2

In Part 1 of this post, I discussed how to maintain exterior doors to avoid repair. You can read that here! Sometimes, despite our best efforts or a lack there of, we need to make repairs. In this post, I’ll break it down by repair size and replacement amount. Small repairs:   If the damage is […]

A Free Printable Download and a Discount!

There are advantages to every season and for winter, those can include hot chocolate, a warm fire and the excuse to spend time daydreaming and planning the home improvement projects you want to do once spring arrives. DCI wants to help you indulge in the blessings of wintertime! To help you get started planning, click […]

Exterior Doors – Part 1

Exterior doors can last a lifetime if properly maintained. They can also be a big problem if they are not maintained. Newer construction over the years has trended towards more narrow eaves to reduce wind damage in case of hurricanes and tornadoes. The side effect, unfortunately, is that it leaves the exterior doors more exposed to […]

Backsplashes “R” Us Part 2

Last week, we introduced a backsplash job DCI is currently working on in a newly constructed home in Chesterfield County. We featured what you need to consider before beginning a tile backsplash and what tools you will need.  You can read that part 1 post here. This week we are focusing on the second half […]

Backsplashes “R” Us!

One of the most requested updates to a kitchen that DCI receives is a new backsplash and the request is nearly always for tile. A tile backsplash is affordable, classic (unlikely to become dated too soon) and currently, extremely popular. DCI has recently completed a backsplash on a newly constructed house in Chesterfield County. This […]

Painting Like A Pro

Last week, the DCI crew continued at the river front property where they finished up the deck overlooking the James River last week. If you missed that, you can read about it here. The homeowners were so pleased with the deck, they asked DCI to come back and work on the inside. This property had […]

Thinking About Adding a Deck?

Fall is a great time of year to enjoy the benefits of a deck. It’s a part of your home that allows you to relax while enjoying the colors of the season, grill your favorite foods to share with friends and family or catch a nap in the cooler temperatures. This week, the DCI crew […]